Locksmith Services - More Than Simply Key Cutting

Many people think that locksmith services are useful only when you’re locked out of your property or when you need a key cut. Well, that is just one of the areas that locksmith technology covers. Read on to find out plenty of other services that you can expect from a locksmith.

Locksmith Services

To begin with, always ensure that you engage a reliable expert when it comes to locksmith services. Such services come handy when you move into a new property or you want to improve your locks to match the best security standards. Instead of buying the locks yourself from a local store, it’s advisable to engage an expert that can offer valid advice on locks and overall security measures.

The following are key services you can expect from a reliable locksmith.

Key Cutting of all Types

Key cutting is a principal service offered by locksmiths. Experienced locksmiths are able to perform a wide range of key cutting services including:

• Security keys
• Machine key cutting
• Manual key cutting
• Restricted keys

Professional locksmiths can deal with a wide range of keys including padlocks, cabinet locks, backdoor locks, garage door locks, digital locks, and more.

Door and Window Locks

This service involves supply, repair, and installation of the door and window locks. This service is mostly applicable to residential and institutional properties. Professional locksmiths can handle both door and window locks.

Security Safes

Security safes are another area of locksmith technology that involves opening, supply, fitting, and repair or the same. Always ensure that you get a professionally approved safe that can meet your needs. Locksmith services in this area include:

• Installation of digital and dial lock safes
• Opening of vaults
• Supply and repair of safes
This service usually targets big commercial properties such as banks, government departments, and institutions.

Automotive Keys and Locks

If you’re looking for auto locksmith service, you can find an expert in this area. These locksmiths specialize in the repair of auto locks and keys. The work in this area includes:

• Car keys copying and duplication
• Car keys and locks repair
• Remote key programming
• Car key replacement

Access Control Systems

Qualified locksmiths should be able to handle electronic security gadgets such as access control systems. These security systems allow only authorized persons to access a particular room, building, or area. Locksmith services in this area involve repair, installation, and regular servicing of the systems to ensure that they meet the intended security standards.

Emergency Locksmith Services

If you’re locked out at an odd hour of the day or night, you’ll need to replace or change your locks. In this situation, a qualified locksmith can help with the following services:

• Emergency Lockouts
• Burglary repairs
• Spare key cutting
• Lost key replacement

Locksmith Industry is Changing

Technology has invaded every sector and the locksmith industry is not left behind. Security systems are changing and today it’s common to see keyless locks, biometric security systems, dial card locks, and many others.

Locksmith Services

From smart locks to CCTV systems, the security industry is more advanced compared to the lock-and-key operation. Today’s locksmiths should be cognizant of the changes in the industry for their services to remain useful. As such, they need to equip themselves with the latest knowledge and modern security features such as:

• Digital locks and push buttons
• Video surveillance systems
• Panic hardware gadgets
• Magnetic locking systems

Even in the automotive industry, things are changing with almost every car component being computerized. In that situation, locksmiths need to update their skills in this area in order to deal efficiently with keyless systems, remote controls, and keyless entries. The locksmith has to understand the car’s electronic system to offer the required solutions.

However, even in the digital era, many situations still demand the use of high-security, safes, and combination locks. Therefore, while they adopt new technologies, locksmiths should maintain the traditional skills that enable them to restore antique locks and safes to their working conditions.

Way Forward for the Locksmith Industry

As the locksmith industry advances with time, experts in this industry have to make important decisions in order to remain relevant. They can either choose to broaden their skills to cater to various segments of service or narrow down to a specific niche such as digital locks. Most experts decide to remain, generalists, because it broadens their scope of service. The decision, therefore, lies with the locksmiths.


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