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Why Choosing Trustworthy Locksmith Company is Important?

Singapore is ranked as one of the best economies with vast malls and business premises. It has as well seen mushrooming of many residential houses. But did you know that all its riches, valuables, historical documents are in the hand of an individual-a locksmith? Though taken lightly, Locksmith industry when out of control can lead to increased criminal activities (loss of property).

Locksmith services can be grouped into; residential services, commercial services and auto locksmith services. It can further be sub-grouped into; key cutting, key replacement, retrieval of stuck keys, key duplication, and transponder tracking system and lastly changing of lock systems.

In bringing the importance of honest locksmith we will as well bring forth the dangers that come with a dishonest locksmith.

Well, it is important to note that every business field has quacks. Some locksmiths will collude with criminal cartels to break in your car or house! How does that happen? Take an instance where you need a key replacement or a key duplication for your car, the locksmith can keep one of the duplicates and collude with criminals later. Honest Locksmith Companies are less likely to do such activities.

Untrustworthiness does not only come in burgling or breaking in your premises but also giving wrong information about their products. Locks are made from different materials-coppers, steel and other hard metals. The locksmith may give you a cheaper lock but charge you highly. To avoid such scenarios, it is always better to go for professional and trustworthy companies.

Trustworthy companies are bound by some code of ethics in the Locksmith industry. The ethics are tailored to protect the clients from quacks and criminals hiding in the firm.

In most cases, untrustworthy locksmiths are untrained or ill trained. Take a case of installing transponder key system in your car; it calls for more brain muscles than the physical muscles. They will cheat you that all is well only for the system to fail after few days!

So how do you go about choosing the right locksmith company? Well before hiring their services, consider the following few things,

1. How can I get back to them later on- phone number, physical address and location of the offices?

2. What is the opinion of my friends or neighbors regarding the locksmith company?

3. A brief history about the business

Another easier way is online locksmiths-before advertising your services or goods in Yellow pages or Google, one must have a postcard verification which also entails the name, location and contacts of the business. This is keenly screened and few wrong statements or information pass through unnoticed!

It is a legal requirement that all locksmith in Singapore pass some scrutiny and competence tests-this is done before the licensing. Trustworthy companies should be able to produce such documents or display them at the reception for the clients to see. Secondly, a trustworthy company starts with abiding to the law! Is the company licensed? If not, that should be a warning signal! One can as well look at the professionalism and reputation of its workforce.

Lastly, a trustworthy company will always have a good name in its environs through it good services/ products or relation with both clients and the surrounding people.

To start us off is the fact that you can park your car in the street the whole night and find it safe in the morning-untrustworthy locksmith will have a spare key and follow you all day and night!

Secondly, you are guaranteed of durable and quality locks which are not easy to give in or open with other keys. Thirdly, you are guaranteed of professionalism-no damaging the dashboard or door frames while retrieving stuck keys!

Lastly, such companies are less likely to hike their fees which save you from over-bar expenses. It is equally important to realize that you will be taking the locksmith either to your house, office or car. Doing a thorough research over the internet or from your locality will help you find the right company. Avoid individuals who appear unskilled, unequipped and malicious.

In conclusion, when in doubt, it is always right to ask for documents showing that the locksmith company has achieved the right qualification, law abiding (licensing/ insurance) or documents showing police scrutiny.

Why Choose Us As Your Home, Office & Car Locksmith Services

There are 5 particular reasons you should use our Locksmith Services.

Singapore offers quick response Locksmith services that can help you get back in your home, your car or your business. What separates their service from anyone else is the concern that they have for all of their customers. They understand that it is not an enjoyable moment when you realize that you have been locked out. Before they get off the phone with a customer who is in need of assistance, someone is on the way. Locksmith services recognize that a customer may be in need of emergency assistance because they are in a not so good environment, on a time constraint, stuck outside in the humidity, or even high-risk emergencies like locking a child in a car. For these reasons, most Locksmiths offer 24-hour emergency assistance.

At Home: People hardly realize that they locked out until they reach for their keys to use them. There are a few things that can cause this major dilemma; Lost keys, keys breaking in half inside the lock, and even broken locks. You may even find that you cannot leave your house and go to work or complete other plans until you locksmith services. Perhaps you are able to leave the house, you may not be able to lock your door, and you know you can’t leave your house unsecured while you are out. With 24-hour emergency locksmith services, you will have quick service for these and many other issues at home. You will not have to wait long before a locksmith service comes to serve you.

Your Car: The most common reason people call for locksmith emergencies in Singapore is because they have locked their keys inside their car. With emergency locksmith services a dial away, the door to your car can be unlocked by an expert without causing damages to your vehicle. Locksmith services can also assist in repairing a jammed ignition to remove a broken key in your lock and to rekey the lock to your ignition and even your car doors. Locksmiths understand that locks and keys are necessary to your ability to access and operate your vehicle. Being locked out of your car can cause you to not be able to drive anywhere until you receive service. With locksmith services in Singapore, you can enjoy quick car service across the local community.

Additional Services: Among these services there are other reasons why you may call a locksmith for assistance, however an emergency locksmith service can assist with nearly all of your lock and key issues. Even if you happened to kick someone out of your home recently and they didn’t return your key, you can call for emergency locksmith services for them to switch our your locks. The new locks that can be installed would provide you with advanced security, and a new set of keys for your home. Locksmith services can also be of assistance to open a locked briefcase, a safe, a lockbox, and a variety of other items that have locks and keys needed to access them.

The priority level of Locksmith services requires Locksmiths to arrive and serve promptly. With their desire to be punctual, they live off of the value that “being early is being on time and being on time is being late.” This allows them to under-promise and over-deliver on a daily basis.

No matter how big or small your needs are, you can count on a locksmith that is going to be trained well for your job. They are trained to unlock the doors of any vehicle or retrieve a key from or fix any lock. They are also well trained in replacing and copying old keys, including master keys, as well as producing new keys and installing new locks. You can count on them to have quick arrival and be able to give you the care that you need to resolve your situation.

The rates of Locksmiths are reasonably priced because they understand that their customers are under enough stress in emergency situations. Locksmiths also note the frequency of situations requiring their services and the high competition of the profession. Their customers are their number one priority and maintaining low rates is essential to keeping the customers happy.


    What Our Clients Saying

    • Just had screen door locks replaced. Surprised at how reasonable the cost was, the service was prompt and professional.
      Amy Choo
    • Very prompt and reliable, friendly service. Thank you!!! Will definately be my first point of call for any locksmith needs.
      Minium Wong
    • Best locksmith service ever. Can't imagine calling anyone else. Swift and friendly service.
      Michelle Tee
    • Very efficient and reliable. Told me the time he would turn up and got here on time and took him less than a minute to get the job done.
      Steven Tan
    • I left the office for a coffee and realized coming back to it that I didn't pick up the key to my door. I had such a busy day lined up and was utterly relieved when I found your company and your emergency lockout service. The man you sent arrived in no time and managed to unlock the door with ease. He was exceptionally helpful and even thought to cut me a second spare key! It's such a good service and you guys do an amazing job. Thank you!
      Kim Jerry

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