The Multiple Roles Of A House Lock Smith

Getting a house lock smith should not be a problem. In any given community, there should be at least one. However, the problem is not that simple. With a wide variety of locks, a locksmith might doubt that he is qualified to work on your lock’s specific brand or make. This may be true. By the very nature of the job, a locksmith cannot afford to specialize. But locks can work on a set of general principles and this is something that residential locksmiths are familiar with.

House Lock Smith

Nowadays, the types of locks and keys are propagating very fast. There are different kinds of car keys and locks, including keyless locks. For the home, there are digital locks as well as keyless locks which use keypads. All of these kinds of locks were created to be the best and most secure. At the same time, the support for these locks is not local. You have to call the manufacturer’s support number.  For a locksmith to support these new locks, he has to undergo training and certification. Today’s locksmith no longer has the same job that lock smiths had five years ago.

Specialized Locksmiths

Majority of the home lock smiths in Singapore do the following tasks: they open locked doors or gates, make a new set of keys, replace door knobs, install handles, or create duplicate keys for other members of the household. That was in the past. Nowadays, locksmiths have upgraded their skills and offerings in order to cover more than just regular tasks. They now offer urgent key creation, lock out services, security checks as well as installation of new locks with security features. Some home locksmiths in Singapore are even well-versed at installing home security alarms as well as safes – something that Singaporeans are now finding very practical to have inside their own residence.

Not all locksmiths in Singapore offer emergency services though, so you better ask yours in advance if you can call on them any time of the day or night. Most lock outs happen when home owners are in a rush to go out. They forget their keys and are unable to get back inside their apartments. It can also happen at night, when after a night out, a drunk or tipsy resident realizes that he or she does not have their key. Knowing beforehand if your locksmith can bail you out at an ungodly hour can be a life saver. If the answer is yes, it would be best to have his number on your speed dial. You’ll never know when you’ll accidentally leave your keys or break them while opening the door to your house or apartment.

House Lock Smith

Security Installations

Thieves and burglars are using more advanced equipment and tools to break into homes and steal valuables and other possessions. It has become imperative for locksmiths to counter these attempts with a more improved security system. Electronic locks are now the norm and they sometimes also include a keyless security system, keypad access, or biometric scanning. Security cameras have also become part of the set and this allows homeowners access to their cameras wherever they may be.

Why You Should Have Your Own Residential Locksmith?

Most households benefit from having a residential locksmith on contact as their office or home is just nearby. This makes it more affordable than calling someone who is in a different area or another city. Some residential locksmiths charge extra fees if they travel a far distance to get to your home. The service call fees are also higher and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the same locksmith that has serviced you in the past.

Trust is a very important factor when it comes to maintaining relationships with locksmiths. Having someone who is from the same area and whose family resides there puts clients more at ease compared to someone whom you have just met over the phone. Knowing the locksmith in person and seeing him at the grocery store or diner helps build rapport and establishes trust all the way.

House Lock Smith

Training and Expertise

Not everyone can be a locksmith. It takes a lot of hard work, skill and experience before one can be well-versed in working with different kinds of locks and keys. They need to be able to handle simple to complicated tasks and work with precision and accuracy. As mentioned earlier, locksmiths do more than just change locks and make copies of keys for members of the household. They now need to be able to install home security systems and work with electronic locks and keyless entries.
Home locksmiths are trained for cutting-edge security solutions. They don’t consider a job too big or too small.

Fast Response Assured

Keeping a household safe is the primary goal of residential locksmiths. Should there be any problems, it is easy to call them and set an appointment. For emergency situations, having one nearby means a response of as fast as 20 to 30 minutes. This is vital in case of lock out situations or if someone especially a kid gets locked inside a bathroom or bedroom. The immediate response will mean less time for panic and worry. After the situation has been resolved, the home owner can have the lock changed or the doorknob fixed immediately. The locksmith may also recommend a new lock or system in order to prevent such incidents from happening again.

In Singapore, as well as the rest of the world, home security is of vital importance. While incidents of crime are not as high here as other countries, it doesn’t help to be extra careful. Adding window locks, bolts, or an electronic alarm system can help deter criminals and burglars who want to steal your possessions or harm your family. A locksmith can also make sure that all your locks and keys are in great working condition. Best of all, a trusted locksmith can assist you during emergency situations such as lock outs and broken key situations.


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