How To Unlock Your Locked Safe If You Lost Your Keys?

Once in a while someone locks their keys in or even misplaces them. It could be house keys, car keys or any even a safe. For this reason it is important to know how to safely open a lock without a key. Some of them are fairly easy to open while others might require the professional skills of a locksmith. Either way with the right guide lines it can all be done and done safely. So below are tips on how to unlock a lock safely when one loses their keys or locks them in.



For any driver, this is probably an incident they have probably encountered at least once or for some unlucky one’s it has happened a couple of times. One of the most likely instinct when one locks in their car keys is panic. Panic results into some poor spur of the moment actions smashing the car’s window being one of them. There is absolutely no need to panic or be frustrated when this happens. There are three main things one ought to put into consideration when there are in such a situation. These are; the weather, the area where one has packed the car and whether it is day or night time. These three will determine whether one will just try to fix the situation themselves or incorporate the services of a professional locksmith. For instance if this eventuality occurs in a neighbourhood that is not safe it would not be advisable to try and unlock the car alone especially if one is a novice . In such a situation calling a profession locksmith would be quite in order. If the incidence occurs in a safe place or in a place where one cannot access a locksmith, then here are some tips on how to handle the situation.

1.First things first and the most obvious move.

This is the time one gets to look for the spare key. It is always advisable to store the original key and the spare in separate locations. At such a time this might come in handy. If someone else has the spare key and can be reached easily this should top the list of what to do when one loses their keys or locks them inside.

2.Assuming that one left the spare in the house or for some odd reasons it is in the car as well no need to worry.

There are some simple tactics that can be employed in opening the car lock without the keys. A shoe lace is best known for its use in shoes. Did you know it could actually open a lock? Well a shoe lace is one of the tools that can be used to open a lock and to be precise a door that pulls. This can be done following simple steps. Tie a tight a knot in the middle of the shoelace. Make a simple loop and on the right side of the loop make another loop that does not cross but creates a bump. Put the second loop through the first ring tighten the loop ensuring it does not close. Slide the shoe lace all the way down the car door, beginning at the corner, till the loop gets to the lock. Once the lock is safely around the lock, pull the ends of the lace to close the loop and then pull gently to discharge the door lock.

3.Another simple and safe method is the use of the inflatable door opener.

This method works for almost all car models and does not leave a scratch on the car. Before trying to open the car door first confirm that there is no door that is already open instead of going through all the trouble only to realize that there was an open door. For this method one needs to pull apart the corner of the door a little bit. Slide the blood pressure cuff into the gap created and pump air into the cuff but make sure the bag does not inflate too much least it breaks the window or bends the car’s metal.


Most people will keep some of their most valued possessions in a safe and hence when they lose the key and the spare as well, it might be quite stressing. However there are numerous ways of opening the safe without necessarily employing the services of a locksmith. Most safe are quite simple to unlock without a key. Insert a small knife that has a pointed tip into the key hole and jiggle it a little bit and the lock is open, it literally takes seconds to do this.

For those with a digital safe it may seem a little complex but it is also equally simple to open armed with the right tools. All one needs is a chisel and a hammer, if one can get a chisel with a flattened and elongated tip, the better. There is the section of the safe when one keys in the code and this is the target. Place the chisel at the corner and hammer it in using the hammer. It should probably take a minute or two at most to dislodge it. Once this part is down a number of screws and knobs will be revelled at the center there is a small silver knob which is dislodged using the chisel and hammer as well. Once the silver knob has been removed, what is left behind is a hole. Insert a finger into the hole and on the lower side there is a button. Once this button is pressed down, the safe instantly opens.


A large percentage of people will identify with this situation and for the lucky few who have not experienced this it is always good to be well equipped with information in case it happens. For this last case let’s focus on a locksmith and how they can actually help in such a situation. There are two main ways a locksmith will handle the situation safely, by repairing the lock or changing the lock entirely. This method is quite safe especially for those who have no idea how to open a lock withou a key . Some local methods may unlock the door as well but the damages caused in the process may exceed the fee a locksmith would ask for by far.


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