How To Open Locked Safe?

Most of the business-people depend so much on the safes for the security and also for their protection. Even at homes, the safes are of great importance for the same purpose. However, it is morose that it is almost impossible to keep your keys till the end of your life. Once in a while, someone can misplace their keys or lock them in his or her houses. For this reason, it is salient to know how to open a lock safely even without the keys.

Some of the safes might be easy to open while others might not be that easy to open. For the complicated ones, there will be a need to have a professional locksmith to do the work. It is usually in the safes that most of the people keep their valued possessions. Therefore, most of them will always think that all is gone whenever they have lost their keys to the safes.


What can make a safe fail to open?

Many reasons can make the safes fail to open. The most common reason for the failure can be the wearing out of the locks. This reason can always be easily noticed even before the safe has failed. There will be several signs indicating the failure of the safes even as you lock them. It is, therefore, essential to note the problem before it becomes too late.

Some of the indicators that the lock is about to fail may include the following.

. Safe locks producing sounds. Check the batteries of the safes whenever this occurs.
. The dials may become loose.
. The overtime internal safe parts may wear.
. There is forgetfulness of the combination sequence and numbers.
When you witness these signs, it is very vital to seek the help of a locksmith or seek for any other adequate solution. Action should be taken as soon as possible whenever these signs appear.


Safe Steps for opening a locked safe

Some safes can be unlocked even without having to seek the services of a locksmith. However, it might not be that safe to do so because the locksmiths always have the experience of doing the work, and they can leave the safes still working even after unlocking them. For those with digital safes, opening a locked safe can be very tricky but not that much. If you cannot reach a locksmith at the right time, then all you need to have is a hammer and a chisel having a long and flattened tip.

For a section of the safe where one key is the code and is the target, place the chisel at the corner and use the hammer to hit it. The process takes only a minute or two to dislodge the safe. The work is not yet done. Once this part of the safe is down, there will be some knobs and screws that will be revealed. At the center, there is also a knob made of silver which can be dislodged using the hammer and the chisel again. After the silver knob has been removed, a hole shall be left behind. Insert your finger into that hole and just on the lower side, you will reach a button. Press the button and the safe will instantly open.

There are also some various ways that can be used to open a safe without having to cut it open. One of these ways includes the use of an ear amplifier like a stethoscope in a quiet room. Another method is to drill a hole long enough to put a tiny camera through. The method helps in scoping the position of the dial and from this the locksmith will be able to obtain the combination and open the safe.

Other methods of opening a locked safe may include the following:
Prying the door and the bolt of the safe

It is the least effective method of opening a locked safe. Most of the locksmiths do not employ the method because it is not that professional. The process involves destroying the safe beyond repair and can be done without the help of a locksmith.

Open Locked Safe

Manipulating the safe

The method is the most preferred even though it is time-consuming. The advantage of the method is that it is less messy, and it will leave no sign or trace of any entry. The method also eliminates the additional service of repairing the safe after the opening. The process involves the locksmith trying to uncover the combination through sound or touch. The technique here is that most of the safes will produce a sound or vibrate regarding the manner in which the locksmiths turn the dials. The locksmiths will always use a stethoscope to help them hear the sound produced by the safes. This is the most recommended method of opening a locked safe even though it may take up to one hour of the task to be completed.

Scoping the safe

The method is like that of drilling, but it involves inserting a bore-scope into a small hole that has been drilled by the locksmith. The bore-scope will give the locksmith an idea on how to open the lock of the safe. This is a valid option especially when new security measures are added. Scoping is an advantageous method of opening a locked safe since it is less messy as compared to other methods and it also inexpensive to repair after the service.

Taking care with your Safes

There is a need for the locksmiths in Singapore to take care of the services they offer. This is because, it has been reported by the owner of the Singapore Locksmith Services, Mr. Melvin Tan that many people have requested for the opening of the locked safes but shocking enough, the safes are not theirs.

The locksmiths should, therefore, check the IDs of the requester before going on to the services. To authenticate that the requester is the owner of the safe Further, the locksmith should ask the requester of the content that is in the safe. From this, it will be very easy to tell whether the requester is the owner of the safe or not.


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