7 Useful Home Security Facts You Should Take Note Of In 2015

Singapore is perhaps rightly considered as one of the countries in the world with the lowest incidences of crime. However, as a homeowner you cannot afford to sit pretty and forget to take the most basic precautions to safeguard your home and property. The following seven facts about home security facts should be enough to illustrate why it is essential to secure your home in 2015 in a way that precludes a likely break-in.

7 Useful Home Security Facts You Should Take Note Of In 2015

1. At least One Home in Singapore is Burgled on a Daily Basis

While house breakages are not among the most prevalent forms of crime in Singapore, the phenomenon is quite common. On average, there are about 500 cases of housebreaking in Singapore each year. This may not amount to much compared to some other countries but it is still significant. In fact, it means that at least one home is broken into each day in Singapore. Your home does not have to be the next one if you take a few commonsense precautions as we shall see presently.

2. About 90% of all Burglaries go Unsolved
Despite great efforts by the police, only about 11% of all burglaries are ever solved. It is even rarer for the police to catch the thief in the act of stealing. This essentially means that the most you can do is complete the police report and file an insurance claim. Even on the rare occasion when the police finally manage to apprehend the culprits, there is not often much comfort for the homeowner. Police can even manage to get the burglar convicted and sent to jail but recovering the stolen stuff is often a long shot at best.

3. One out of Every Three Residential Assault Cases are as a Result of Burglary

While many criminals who break into residential houses often choose a time when the owner is not at home, this is not always the case. It is often exasperating to see that the police and law enforcement authorities still classify burglary as a non-confrontational crime. This seems to fly in the light of facts: out of every 3 residential assaults reported to the police, at least one can be attributed to an actual or attempted burglary. But even in incidences where nobody is hurt, a housebreaking incident always leaves the family feeling violated and vulnerable.

4. Renters are Just as Likely as Homeowners to be Victims of Burglary

It is perhaps peculiar to note that people who rent homes are always less inclined to take decisive steps to guarantee safety and security of the property they live in. It is a misconception that is as unfortunate as it is often tragic. Installing a home security system is not just about protecting the property itself but also your valuables and, even more importantly; your life and those of your loved ones.

7 Useful Home Security Facts You Should Take Note Of In 2015

5. Burglars are 300% More Likely to Attempt to Break into a Home without a Security System

Perhaps influenced by accounts on popular media and fiction, many homeowners are lulled into thinking that burglars have no respect for elaborate or basic home security systems. This is a fallacy and a total fabrication. Police statistics indicate that a home without a home security system, even a pretty basic one, is over 300% more likely to experience a break-in. This is understandable considering the basic profile of a burglar. A burglar is more likely to be a young male of no more than 25 years of age and looking to steal items which are valuable, small and which can easily be converted to cash.

6. You can get a Discount of Up to 25% on your Home Insurance with a Home Security System Installed

Insurers are well aware of the fact that installing a security system in your home makes it even more secure. If you are seeking a good deal on home insurance, make sure you have installed a good home security system first. Once your insurer sends an evaluator to assess the quality and nature of the security system, chances are they will be open to giving you a considerable discount. Depending on the security system itself and details of the insurance policy, the discount can be as substantial as to guarantee you 25% less payments on your monthly premiums.

7. Most Burglaries Occur During the Day When No One is at Home

The vast majority of home break-ins occur during the day, not at night. The burglar will choose the most opportune moment when they can get in and get away without being detected. They will therefore opt to break in when the occupants are either at work or in school. Before breaking in, the burglar will scout the home to find an easy access, the greatest mount of cover and an easy escape route. This all means that as a homeowner there is plenty that you can do to make your home less vulnerable.

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