7 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Lock
When Moving To A New Place

When moving to a new house and neighbourhood, ensuring the security of your family and property should be the first priority on your list of things to do. While there are many measures to take with this regard, changing the new house’s locks should be the first as it goes a long way to provide the much-needed assurance and averts any unknown vulnerabilities to the house’s general security.

Why You Should Change Your Lock When Moving To A New Place

Unfortunately, most people tend to forego this option, as it may not seem necessary or effective.
Here are seven excellent reasons to change locks when moving to a new house:

1. Surety

It is important to acknowledge that even with some background research, there are many things that you may not know about your new house. Pertaining the locking system, the former owner may have misplaced a key or lend it to a friend, giving them unrestricted access to the house. In other cases, the house may have been broken into in the past, leaving it vulnerable to future break-ins.

As such, it is important to change the locks as a precautionary measure. This eliminates any underlying weaknesses and ensures security.

2. Peace of mind

For your new house to become your new home, you first have to get familiar with it, know your way around the neighbourhood and feel comfortable and secure. However, lack of surety in your house’s locking system may take away the feeling of security, and consequently comfort and trust, leaving you with the constant fear of the unknown and robbing you of your peace of mind.
As such, it is important to change the current locks in the house with new ones that you can trust, as this will help you settle down faster.

3. Upgrading

As unfortunate as it may sound, more people in Singapore are upgrading their home security systems and locks owing to the increase in crime rates. For your new house, this may be the perfect opportunity to not only change the locks, but also upgrade to new and better ones.

Consult a locksmith to carry out an examination of the current lock system to determine whether the house is compatible with newer and better versions. If possible, you can ask the locksmith to change the current locks and replace them with better ones for better protection.

4. Order and organization

Depending on the state of the house’s current locking system, failure to change the locks may hinder the family’s organization and orderliness. This is because different family members need their own keys to access the house when it is locked or empty, and as such, a custom set of keys and locks is needed. This may not be possible with a pre-installed lock as all the keys may not be available, making it necessary for family members to wait on each other when going home.

Installing a new lock will provide you with a new set of unique keys that each family member can have for unhindered access when need be.

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5. Trust and company confidentiality

Remember that other than you, the locksmith who installed your new house’s old locking system may have the plans to the system, and possibly access too. As such, it is important that as a new independent occupant, you also look for your preferred and trusted locksmith to change the locks. You will get an opportunity to scrutinize different locksmiths, their quality of services and trust from other clients to make a sure and informed decision.

This will give you the right to company confidentiality and build trust and possibly a future working relationship between you and your preferred locksmith.

6. Resolving age related defects

With time, dirt particles may build up in locks, causing rusting and jamming. This may come as an inconvenience in cases where the door gets jammed while trying to open or lock it, denying you access into the house.

As such, it is important to regularly replace the house’s locks with new and clean ones that are not yet prone to rusting.

7. Responsibility

In addition to ensuring the house’s security, changing the locks to your new premises brings you out as a responsible person. In cases where your new house and the properties within are insured, this simple act may catch the insurer’s attention and possibly earn you a discount on the monthly premiums.

This is especially common when new homeowners not only change the house’s current locks, but also improve its general security system, reducing the risks of theft or break-ins.


Your family’s security comes above everything else, and as such should be ensured at all costs. As such, make sure that you change the locks to your new house immediately after moving as this will eliminate any underlying vulnerabilities and give you and your family the much-needed peace of mind to settle down in your new neighbourhood.

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