6 Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Your Door Lock

Want to replace your door lock? When it comes to keeping a home in Singapore secure, homeowners can never be too secure. To deter forced entry and keep bad element and thieves out of their house, homeowners should consider replacing their old door locks on and off. However, there are several reasons they should consider hiring a door locksmith to perform the installation rather than doing it themselves. One of those reasons is the fact that most amateurs tend to make mistakes when replacing their door lock.

Replacing Door Lock

Types of Door Locks:
Cylindrical or Tubular lock: In residential houses in Singapore, it is this type of lock that is most commonly used.
Deadbolt: This is another door lock that homeowners in Singapore tend to prefer. A latch is used by these locks and the use of a key, knob or lever moves it deep into the door jamb.

Double cylinder deadbolts: In comparison to the deadbolt, this type of lock is not as strong. It simply means that a key is required to open it both from inside and outside. This type of lock is typically used on doors that have glass windows.
Mortise lock: This type of lock consists of a deep rectangular grove, or a mortise, containing a deadbolt and a spring-type latch combination.

Most amateurs who decide to replace their door lock on their own rather than hiring a door locksmith often end up making certain mistakes. Installing door locks tends to seem like a simple task, but one minor mistake can prevent the lock from working properly and smoothly. The installation can become complicated and message as a result of a small error, leading to frustration.

1. Installing & Testing The Door Lock But Forgetting The Keys
Once a door lock has been installed, the lock generally has to be tested next and most amateurs suddenly realize that they have locked themselves out because they forgot to grab the keys. This mistake is actually quite embarrassing in its own way. It does not really matter if they have installed their door lock correctly because ultimately they have to call a locksmith. Although this can be easily avoided by grabbing the key before installing a new lock, most amateurs end up making quite frequently.

2. Wrong Orientation
When replacing a previous door lock with a deadbolt lock, one particular mistake often causes the door lock to malfunction. Homeowners often place the deadbolt improperly and only realize this after the screws have already been put in.

3. Improper Alignment
When replacing a deadbolt door lock, the deadbolt is often misaligned, in which case a new door has to be purchased. This ends up costing homeowners more money and time than they had bargained for. When the deadbolt is improperly aligned, not only do the holes damage the door, but the lock obviously does not work properly as well. Only the correct alignment of all three holes ensures that the door lock will actually work.

4. Holes Drilled In The Wrong Way
Homeowners in Singapore who make this mistake end up damaging or splintering the door. Drilling the holes from the inside is the correct way and sides have to be switched once the drill begins to appear on the other side. This also means that it becomes necessary to be watchful.

5. Not following instructions during installation
Instructions are meant to properly guide homeowners so they may correctly and safely install door locks. Apparently, all kinds of door locks come with installation and operating manuals. Unfortunately, not only do homeowners in Singapore consider hiring locksmiths, but often they do not even read the manual thoroughly and follow all the steps carefully.

6. Measuring From The Bevel
Generally, doors do not tend to close properly when they are not measured properly. Only proper beveling ensures that a door will properly close with the door jamb, and only then does the door lock function properly as well. Thus, door locks have to be measured from the side of the door that is not beveled. Unfortunately, homeowners in Singapore make the mistake of doing the opposite.

When replacing door locks, it is best if everything that is written in the installation manual of the lock is followed by the book. However, thing that distinguishes a seasoned door locksmith is that they do not need to read a manual and they do not disregard or forget a critical step in the procedure. So, it is better to hire a locksmith than to perform DIY door lock installation.

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